What People Are Saying About Comfort Keepers®

Hundreds of people every day discover the exceptional brand of in-home care provided by Comfort Keepers—from seniors and their families to the exceptionally caring people who discover Comfort Keepers and choose to become a Comfort Keeper® themselves.

"Comfort Keepers provided a very high level of compassionate care to our mother, who was completely bedridden for the last three years of her life. And the same level of care was extended to our father, as he needed more help with household chores and stopped driving. We, their adult children, all live out of state, so it brought us great peace of mind to know that our parents were comfortable, clean, and well fed every day, and we would see that everything was in fact in good order every time one of us we would visit. The caregivers became part of our family, and the managers would check up on the folks regularly and give us detailed updates as needed. We would recommend Comfort Keepers for your elder care needs without reservation."


"Thought I would hate you...but I didn't!!! Knowing that I was going to need help after surgery was more stressful than knowing that I would have a long painful recovery. I have never been comfortable being in the position of not being able to take care of myself. Comfort Keepers stepped in, knowing my resistance, and gently, professionally and thoughtfully took care of my needs, while making me more than comfortable accepting their help. Thank you for what you did."


"Comfort Keeper has been a tremendous blessing to my family. They have provided exceptional care for our mother. Her caregivers provide for her every need and are very responsive to her request. From making her favorite recipes, to organizing her room, to encouraging her to talk about her teaching days, they have provided the comfort and sense of security that our mother desired. They provide us with written updates daily about what she did and make us aware of any health concerns. And each caregiver has developed a wonderful relationship with Mom. More importantly, we trust them with the care of our Mother. And they do a great job!!!"


"Thank you for planting a tree to honor our beloved wife and mother. The compassionate care that you provided for Jackie will never be forgotten. Although we continue to grieve, we will celebrate her life and the many wonderful memories."


"Thank you Rita. Your caregivers were extremely important to me to get us through this last stage for Cathy. Although some of them had greater skills than others, I found all of them to be very compassionate people that truly care about the people they are taking care of. It was a pleasure to have them in our home."


"I would like again to say thank you for the outstanding services provided by your team. I will certainly recommend your company to people asking about in-home care for their family."


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