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First-Rate 24 Hour Home Care Services For Aging Loved Ones In Durham, NC

Families seeking 24 hour home care services for their senior have options when it comes to how it is provided

Many seniors in Durham, NC, choose to age in their cherished home. Most Americans prefer aging in place over assisted living facilities given the choice. Some older folks, though, need a little caregiver support to help with daily tasks. Others may need 24 hour home care services to support them. Comfort Keepers of Durham, NC, is here to help the city's senior's live independent lives at home in either case.

Not all seniors need help to live at home of course. And those who do don’t all need the same kind or amount of support. It's for these reasons that Comfort Keepers devise plans to match specific needs.

Who Benefits From 24 Hour Home Care Services

Around-the-clock care can be invaluable for a lot of less able seniors who live at home. Comfort Keepers matches a team of qualified caregivers to each person's unique situation. These compassionate carers work a shift system to provide harmonious day and nighttime support.

24 hour home care services from professionals in Durham, NCOur 24/7 care plans can serve folks in basic or advance non-medical situations, for example:

  • Support older adults with progressive or chronic health conditions
  • Provide valuable interaction and companionship for home alone seniors
  • Help to prevent loneliness, isolation-related issues, including depression
  • Nighttime support for toileting and/or positioning for folks with mobility issues
  • Essential round-the-clock support for those recovering from illness or major surgery
  • Look out for seniors prone to wander or sleepwalk at night
  • Simple peace of mind knowing there are people there in case of a medical emergency

The list could go on as there are all kinds of reasons why 24 hour home care services helps older adults at home. Your caregiver is also there to make living at home more secure and comfortable during the day. The type of daytime support a client has will depend on their needs and express wishes.

Comfort Keepers Flexible Elderly Support

Comfort Keepers of Durham, NC, don't have fixed plans. It's important that we assess every person's situation with great care. We then tailor our support so that it provides clients and their families with the perfect solutions. Our range of caregiving support is vast and fits into four basic categories.

  1. General at-home support: mostly domesticated in nature
  2. Personal support: intimate level care for less able/active seniors
  3. Transportation: quality, unhurried door-to-door chauffeuring
  4. Companionship care

Some people only need one type of help from one category. Others may need 24 hour home care services from each category. And there are folks who want something between the two. The point is whatever a client needs we have options to tailor the ideal plan to their circumstances.

Contact us to learn more about the ways Comfort Keepers can help you or someone close to you age at home. Call the number below and ask if our affordable 24 hour home care services are available in your area.

One of our care coordinators can arrange a free consultation at your convenience. To discover more about all our high-quality in-home care support plans call us at (919) 504-2473.



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