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Respite Care in Durham, NC

Comfort Keepers provides respite care to help support the family caregiver as they support their loved ones

Caring for your loved one in their senior years is an amazing gift to them and for you. It can be a very satisfying experience that allows you to grow closer to your parents in a way that you never thought possible. But caregiving for aging parents is a task that takes its toll. Stress for family caregivers is some of the highest, and even worse that stress can cause illnesses both now and in the future. This does not mean that you should not continue to care for your loved one, but what it does mean is that finding balance in your life is essential if you and your loved one are to get the most from caregiving. Respite care offered by Comfort Keepers in Durham, NC can help provide that balance.

What Respite Care Is

This type of care is a secondary caregiving service that bolsters and supports the primary caregiver. It offers time for you to take a break when and if you need to. Whether you need a few hours to get some rest, time to spend time with family, or need to take care of errands and appointments respite care can be available to give you that time to walk away. By necessity this type of care is very flexible. You decide when you need time off and what work you need help with. If you need full time 24 hour a day care for a period of time, or you need just a few hours a week, we can provide caregivers to fill in those gaps and give you the time you need.

The Help We Provide

Comfort Keepers has designed our respite care to be a scaled down version of our regular care. You decide when you need us, and what you need and we customize a program to suit those needs. Whether you need someone to just sit with your loved one and keep them company or need someone to help with personal needs such as bathing and toileting we are able to step in and give your loved one the same level of care you would.

Learn More

The best way to find out what type of care services we offer is to contact us online or give us a call at (919) 504-2473. We can answer man of your questions on the phone, and we also offer a free in-home consultation where we can design a customize care plan just to suit your exact needs. 



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